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Generate unparalleled insights and high precision audiences through Arcanor's products. Choose between the Laser and Vision platform or both to generate a synergy of both digital and physical actions. Generate value through data driven actions.

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Market, audience and location insights
are available on Arcanor Vision.

Discover your audience's dynamics and preferences by location and time, through Vision. Digitally replicate any location or event to plan your resource allocations, business operations. Enhance your investment decisions across locations and markets. Optimize your business's position within the market.


Observe multiple charts and metrics on one dashboard both historically and in real time.

You can easily control your visualizations and view detailed analysis on your dashboards. Access ready market competition dashboards and metrics with ease.

Get Arcanor to generate you the required dashboard. View your readily generated reports andd dashboards with ease through Vision.

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Vision is built for your insight requirements.

Track and monitor your locations and the competition in real time. Catgorize from city to the street level. Crunch their features and group them by players

Compare customer journeys and preferences seamlessly. Increase return and minimize risk for investment research purposes. Replicate cities for smart city planning operations. Analyze events in the past and discover their audience dynamics.


View and track market shares and their associated dynamics within the industry. Track seasonality, changes in location and brand preferences. Discover audience mutualities and differentiations through various visualizations and crunch them by location and time.

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Generate in-depth and unprecedented insights on your target audiences easily.

Access custom generated dashboards, charts and metrics through Vision.

Build the required analysis through various data sources, visualizations, aggregations, audiences and segments via utilizing Arcanor's universe.

Analyze market performance insights and place your operations strategically.

Our clients have optimized their sales performance through analysis obtained through Vision. Through Vision's in-depth audience and location insights they've increased efficiency while optimizing their budgets. You can access Vision and unlock the data driven strategies you've always sought for.