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Generate unparalleled insights and high precision audiences through Arcanor's products. Choose between the Laser and Vision platform or both to generate a synergy of both digital and physical actions. Generate value through data driven actions.

Laser is ready for your high precision audience requirements.

Create and share your audiences with the correct attributes, granularity and features. Gain complete control of your audience targeting and sharing capabilities. Build high precision audiences by category, location and time. Create customized audiences for your various ad campagins across social media.


Share your custom audiences with just a few clicks

Easily share your custom audiences through Laser's user interface. Choose between ready built or customizable audiences varying from simple to complex rules. If locaiton is important, use the map tool to pin down locations of interest.

Share your audiences through in-built social media integrations.

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Easily access a wide array of cookieless audiences.

Arcanor Laser provides customizable audiences through the combination of hundreds of segments, thousands of areas of interest and various time ranges. You can easily access them through the Market

Build your custom audiences and integrate your Laser ad account with your social media platforms.


Target high income audiences by real physical mobility patterns and attributes, not by digital intent. Easily access audiences that are required for niche targeting. Narrow down special audiences by city or neighborhood. Generate sales by finding the correct audience and through raising brand awareness.

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Build your audience,
reach your audience.

Create your own audience through choosing the required attributes on the Query Builder. Easily access the audience and share it across your ad accounts.

Optimize your ad performances and target various spectrums of customer personas. Boost growth and reiterate ad campaign strategies.

Laser market
simplifies your operations.

Arcanor Laser provides ready built audiences with ease of use through the Market. Easily create your own audiences through the Builder and break them down by city, street, segment or time. Geomarket through the Map function on the Builder. Connect your Laser account to social media ad accounts.